Choose your pricing plan

  • 1-2-1 SESSION

    Studio Based personal training
    • A single private class tailored to your individual needs.
    • Contact Amanda first to check availability.
  • Single Studio class

    Perfect for busy lifestyles
    • Pay as you go single class
    • Studio space (subject to availability)
  • The Loft 6w Course

    Excellent value; perfect for progressive learning
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • 6 consecutive classes
    • 6 classes for the price of 5
    • studio or online attendance (excludes term-time)
    • hands-on training and feedback

    Subject to availability
    • Reserve your space prior to purchase
    • Bespoke classes tailored to your needs
    • Applies to 4 & 6 week courses
    • Remaining course fees due by the first day of each course
  • Studio Course x 6w

    45min Cardio-Barre OR 55min 6-week Course
    • EITHER Express Cardio-Barre Course (45min format)
    • OR Pilates and Myofascial Course (55min format)
    • Applies to all courses held in Withdean Rise
    • Contact Amanda prior to purchase as space is limited
  • Online class

    Single online or off-peak studio class
    • Single class
    • Online
    • Includes classes at the Loft (subject to availability)*
    • *can be reserved as a 6 class course (incl one class free)
  • Online Course x 6w

    A personal training approach run remotely
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Includes 1 weekly off-peak or online class
    • Limited spaces for maximum attention*
    • *(12 spaces in total - includes studio attendances)
    • NB: classes usually blended (online and studio)
    • Represents one class free (studio courses £66)